Back Up Melody Alarm *Dual Sound* Back Up Warning Sound + Melody (12V)

★ 12V Back up warning alarm (Japanese voice) + back up melody of your choice

Every unit has both the voice alarm + melody of your choice. There's a separate power wire for the voice alarm or the melody. You can also wire up both, or wire them to a switch instead of reverse lights!

★ Brand new

★ The unit is water-resistant, but ensure it is installed where water can't easily reach.

★ Back up warning バックします。ご注意ください。(please be careful, the car is backing up). EVERY unit has this Japanese voice alarm warning!

★ Listen to the melodies below and choose a melody from the drop-down menu (missing melodies will be added soon).


★ Electric Parade:

 ★ Anpanman's March:

Additional melodies are to be added soon.